Eco Extractor 63

The Eco Extractor 63 is designed to remove steel beads from the largest mining tires on earth. Its unique proprietary design gives it the ability to extract clean beads from these nearly indestructible 63″ rim tires. Its unique features such as the reverse hook design and single person remote control operation make it the fastest and most cost effective way to remove mining tire beads in the world. Additionally, once the bead has been removed it makes further down stream processing economical and financially feasible.


  • Reverse hook
  • Auto bead ejector
  • Single person operation with remote
  • Safe operation


  • Tire size: Up to 63″ rim
  • Output material: Large steel bead separated from the tire
  • Capacity: Up to 10 tires per hour
  • Power: 125 HP
  • Extractor Width: 18,000
  • Extractor dims LxWxH (22x8x8)

Model Number: ECO-OTR-EX-63-100-H

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