ECO Krumbuster Series

Cracker Mill

  • Mechanical Drive
  • Dual Rotor
  • Up to 3 Ton Per Hour

Material Applications

  • Tire / Rubber

Energy Efficiency, High Output, Proven Quality.

If you are looking for a way to produce fine rubber powder from scrap tires in large volumes, you need the ECO Krumbuster® Series. This innovative system can handle all type ofcurred rubber waste, and turn it into high-quality crumb rubber that can be used for various applications.

The ECO Krumbuster® Series comes with a complete set of equipment, including conveyors, augers, screeners and bagging station, to make the process easy and efficient. Or, you can opt for a standalone ECO Krumbuster® Mill with hydraulic power unit, if you prefer more flexibility and customization. Either way, you will get the best performance and durability from the ECO Krumbuster® Series.

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                  ECO Krumbuster Series


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                  Equipment Highlights

                  Patented Hydraulic Drive – The Eco Krumbuster® has the most advanced and efficient drive in the industry. It recovers energy from the slow roll and lowers the operating costs. It also offers a wide range of friction ratios to optimize the quality and output of the material. The Eco Krumbuster® is a smart and eco-friendly solution for your drive needs.

                  90% Grease Reduction Technology – Eco Krumbuster® is a revolutionary crackermill that reduces grease consumption by up to 90% compared to conventional bronze bushing machines. This means less maintenance, lower operating costs and a cleaner environment. Eco Krumbuster® also features a robust bearing design that extends the life of the machine and ensures consistent performance. Eco Krumbuster® is the ultimate solution for rubber recycling and crumb production.

                  Tight Gap Technology – With Eco Krumbuster® spherical roller bearings, you can achieve the best grinding performance possible. These bearings are designed to maintain precise gaps between the rolls, ensuring that you get the finest quality of crumb rubber. Eco Krumbuster® spherical roller bearings are the ultimate solution for your grinding needs.

                  Exclusive Eco Brain Controls – You can trust the Eco Brain to power your equipment with the best electrical components in the market. It’s designed to last for years and keep your operations running smoothly. Plus, you can easily troubleshoot any issues remotely and save time and money.

                  Flanged Shaft Design– With the Eco Krumbuster®, you can swap out the rolls in a snap, thanks to the flanged shaft design. No need to waste time and effort removing the shafts. This innovative feature makes the Eco Krumbuster®a smart and convenient choice for your rubber recycling needs.


                  0/5 (0 Reviews)