Exploring the ECO Grater Secondary Shredder

Those who work in the tire recycling industry know that running a profitable business can be challenging at times. Tires are composed of some of the most rigid materials, including rubber and steel. To recycle tires, you must shred them and separate out the different materials and produce a pure product.

Cutting through all of these layers takes a toll on recycling equipment, wearing down blades and motors that require consistent maintenance. Downtime for repairs reduces operating hours and the amount of product produced. Plant operations are smoother, and profit margins are higher when the equipment is doing its job. Our complete line of tire recycling equipment was designed to be durable and dependable.

In the Line

Tire recyclers choose the equipment for their plants based on the desired end product. Because they are not all selling the same end product, not every recycling line will look the same. The first step in recycling tires, however, always requires a primary shredder. Workers feed whole tires into the machine, which shreds them into rough 6-inch pieces. These smaller pieces are then transferred into other machines for further processing.

This second step in the recycling line is where the ECO Grater fits. A secondary shredder, the ECO Grater, can process 8-inch minus tire shreds into rubber mulch or chips that are 5/8”-1 1/2” that are 99% wire-free. That is a lot of processing for one machine. The Grater can achieve these results by adding a few extra parts that work in conjunction with the shredder itself.

Start to Finish

In the first step of this process, a conveyor belt feeds shreds from the primary shredder into the single shaft cutting chamber of the ECO Grater. There are 80 fly knives and 34 bed knives in the cutting chamber that quickly go to work, cutting the shreds into smaller pieces. The rotor and knife blade system in this secondary shredder employs a patent-pending design to reduce heat. Operating at lower rotations per minute (RPM), the ECO Grater produces more torque and cutting power, allowing it to cut the tire shreds efficiently.

After the shreds are cut, they proceed to a screening system. The screens allow small rubber particles through. Larger particles are held back for further processing. The screening is adjustable to meet the output needs of the plant.

The remaining step separates the steel wire from the rubber chips. Magnets pull the metal wires from amongst the rubber mulch on the conveyor belt. The wire is swept aside and collects in a pile separate from the rubber material. Thus, the rubber and liberated steel can both be recycled as two different products.


Several of the ECO Grater’s unique features contribute to the durability and ease of maintenance for this shredder.

  • The knives in the cutting chamber are reversible. Each blade can be flipped and used on both sides before it must be honed or replaced, giving you more cutting time and lowering the cost of replacement blades.
  • The patent-pending rotor and knife system allows the ECO Grater to shred rubber at lower RPMs. It produces less heat, which results in less wear and tear on the motor and other moving parts.
  • The ECO Grater has a double row of spherical steel bearings, which lowers grease usage and overall maintenance time. The bearings are also fully isolated from the cutting chamber, eliminating debris contamination problems.
  • The wear plates in the rotor housing are fully replaceable. Technicians can change these parts out quickly and easily without the need for lengthy repairs.
  • Overall maintenance needs are limited by the fact that there are fewer moving parts. Stationary parts do not wear out as quickly or require as much maintenance. Keeping moving parts to a minimum saves time and money.

Benefits of Owning an ECO Grater

The ECO Grater is part of a more extensive line-up of turn-key rubber recycling machinery produced by ECO Green Equipment. It is ready to be installed and put to work when it arrives at your plant. A central control center can operate all the equipment from a single location in the shop. This control center also offers instant visibility. Operators can see what each machine is doing in real-time without walking the processing line’s entire length. The ECO Grater features an automatic stop and reversal system as well. This feature stops and reverses the machine’s operations if it detects a problem, protecting the machinery from damage if it becomes overloaded or encounters a non-processable item.

ECO Green Equipment prides itself on providing high-tech, quality equipment that will serve clients well for many years. They understand the challenges of maintaining a full line of tire processing equipment and produce machines that work harder longer. From shredding and conveying to painting and bagging, their equipment helps you get the job done with the best tools.

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