Last month, we published a blog post about how EcoGreen Equipment has sold a full lineup of tire shredding machines to Transformadora de Gomas, a tire recycling company based out of Turmero, Venezuela. Even with the fraught political climate between the US and Venezuela, our equipment is still helping the company provide a way to efficiently recycle up to 750 scrap tires per hour! But Venezuela isn’t the only place our tire shredders are making a difference. EcoGreen’s tire shredders can be found throughout the world, making recycling easier and more efficient.

Partners in International Tire Shredding

Let’s spotlight just a few of the companies worldwide that are using EcoGreen’s tire shredders to solve the scrap tire problems in their own countries. We’ll take a look at one each from Africa, Asia, and Europe.

South Africa

Ulalo Capital Investments based out of Johannesburg, South Africa, purchased EcoGreen tire shredders for The Recycling and Economic Development Initiative of South Africa (REDISA) and their Waste Tyre Management Plan (Source: Ulalo). Through the use of high-tech patented technologies like the ones sold by EcoGreen, REDISA processes waste tires so that it can be used for “a wider range of products for domestic and industrial applications including rubber  manufacturing, construction and civil  engineering industries.”

Due to the broader effects of REDISA and its tire recycling program, 3062 jobs have been created in South Africa and after processing over 200,000 tires and counting, the waste tire situation has become far more manageable (Source: REDISA). It’s amazing what the effects of just a few well-built machines can be for a country!

Saudi Arabia

Northern Region Cement Company (NRC) is a Saudi Arabian scrap tire collector and processing company, with over 50 acres of stockpiled tires from the region. NRC connected with EcoGreen Equipment to supply the tire shredding equipment they needed to process those tires. NRC purchased an ECO Green Giant primary tire shredder TDS (Tire Derived Shred) system and have such high demand that they’re thinking about ordering a second tire shredder system to keep up.

Currently, NRC is processing up to 500 automobile tires per hour.

Why does a cement company need tire shredders? Crumb rubber and other sizes of shredded tire rubber is a very useful component in many areas of construction, and concrete is one of them. Concrete can be made lighter and more earthquake-resistent by using crumb rubber instead of crushed sand (Source: ScienceDirect).

NRC’s project manager, Uday Gautam, has been so happy with the performance of the ECO Green Giant that he stated, “We endorse ECO Green and their teams to any who are considering industrial tire recycling equipment. They have been supportive and helpful during the process” (Source: Customer Stories)


Poniatawa, Poland is home to Orzeł S.A., a tire recycling company with a rubber granulate production plant that uses several EcoGreen shredding machines to turn old tires into useful products. The goal of their “Orzeł 2020” strategy is to work together with businesses around the world to improve tire recycling and produce great tire derived products.

The chairman of the board, Jacek Orzeł, wrote of EcoGreen Equipment, “This cooperation has been successful and provided our organization new experiences and competences in recycled rubber markets. We would recommend others to seek cooperation with Eco Green Equipment as a future partner” (Source: Customer Stories).

International Products, Domestic Production

Even though 80% of our products go to foreign customers, that doesn’t mean our company doesn’t benefit the US. While the tire recycling industry worldwide is better able to provide jobs to people who need them, our own facilities provide jobs right here in the US.

At first, EcoGreen Equipment manufactured the tire shredding equipment out of China, but ever since 2012, we’ve been able to manufacture our tire shredders domestically, in Salt Lake City, Utah—the opposite of the way most companies have done it (Source: Company Week). By making our products domestically, we can ensure top quality for each machine while still maintaining competitive price points.

Utah is the perfect place to be our manufacturing headquarters, because unlike many other states, Utah is actually experiencing steady growth in the manufacturing sector (Source: Deseret News). And, unlike other industries that face inevitable decline due to being outdated, tire recycling will be a vital, growing industry for as long as vehicles need tires. All this means that while EcoGreen Equipment improves the tire recycling industry for our foreign customers, it will also boost the economy here in Utah and provide great jobs for Americans.

Building a Brighter Future Together

Breaking down barriers between nations doesn’t have to be something only done by politicians. Every human being shares this planet, and finding ways to take care of it should be a goal that unites us all. Tire recycling is a significant part of that. Scrap tires aren’t just ugly and wasteful, they’re dangerous, particularly when stockpiled in the millions, as they have been for decades in numerous countries. They provide breeding grounds for mosquitoes, leach chemicals into groundwater and soil, rupture landfill liners, and are particularly vulnerable to catching fire, resulting in infernos that can rage for months and send toxic smoke over hundreds of miles of land.

Until tire shredder technology became more efficient, tire-derived fuel and the many uses of crumb rubber were discovered, and green initiatives were given higher priority in many developed countries, there wasn’t an effective way to deal with the billions of scrap tires that had accumulated worldwide. Now, thanks to companies like EcoGreen Equipment, this problem has finally changed into a more eco-friendly resource for not just Utah, or even just the United States, but all around the world.

Domestically manufactured and sold around the world, EcoGreen’s tire shredders are the best in the tire recycling industry. If you have any questions about tire shredding and how you or your company can get involved in reducing waste and going green, we invite you to contact our experts today to learn more.