Green Tire Recycle, Inc. – Puerto Rico

Green Tire Recycle’s team was looking for an efficient crumb rubber system for processing thousands of scrap tires from all over the island. GTR is a for-profit corporation registered in the State Department. The company is one of the few to hold the required permissions and have relationships with shipping companies to export tires of all sizes



“We have been involved with ECO Green Equipment for over two years and have recently purchased their new generation of tire recycling equipment. After extensive research into equipment manufacturers, we selected ECO Green’s equipment for its ability to produce large quantities of recycled tire material that met our standards and requirements. We are very satisfied with the performance and new designs to date.” – Mr. David Wang, Owner



The ECO Crumb Rubber System is a full turnkey tire recycling system consisting of primary and secondary shredders with additional separation and extraction equipment to produce fine, clean crumb rubber material. Material from this system is used in a variety of secondary rubber applications such as rubber modified asphalt, roofing, mats, and coatings.


ECO Crumb Rubber systems are designed as a stand-alone station operation or can be configured with accessory connecting equipment for re-circulation and screening capabilities in a larger plant setting. This state-of-the-art cutting technology returns low wear costs and easily adapts to new or existing tire recycling systems.



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