With Eco Green Equipment collaborating with Parker Hydraulic
Pump and Power Systems (HPS) and a Parker distributor, a
high-performance, reliable hydraulic system for the Krumbuster
was designed. Key hydraulic components for the Krumbuster,
included Parker P24 and P6 Gold Cups and T6 Vane Pumps.

These Parker pumps were chosen to complement the hydraulic
motor due to their reliability, responsiveness, and ability to
handle a high shock load. The Gold Cup pumps were especially
critical for this demanding application and the ability to maintain
them through authorized repair centers throughout the world.

The results of the Krumbuster’s hydraulic system have
revolutionized rubber mill technology. The Krumbuster’s higher
production and quality in comparison to traditional mills, has
been achieved, along with a smaller equipment footprint and
less energy consumption

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