Recycled Tires: 4 Creative Ways to Reuse Tires at Home

Recycling tires is a cost-effective, relatively simple process that produces a product that can be used in a number of ways. As society becomes increasing environmentally conscious, more companies are engineering green products that don’t put such a strain on nature. People are also emphasizing the importance of reusing and recycling materials that often just get thrown away and add to our landfills. Recycled tires are finding a home among this growing trend, and they can be used in several different ways including flooring, mulch for the garden, and even as a retaining wall or foundation.

Retaining Wall or Foundation:

Recently, as people have become more creative in their use of recycled tires, they have begun to use them as retaining walls or foundations for buildings. In this instance, they use whole tires and stack them on top of each other in a staggered fashion. They put some form of sealant in between each tire like concrete or clay and stick them together to form a solid wall or foundation. These money saving structures are water resistant and durable.

Grow Boxes:

Not only is using old tires as grow boxes eco-friendly, it’s also time-saving! Really, all you have to do is find the source for the tires you’ll be re-using, place them on the ground, fill with high-quality soil and then plant your seeds. It’s a great way to either contain plants in your garden or make watering and containment easy on your porch or patio.


Recycled tires can be used in a variety of different types of flooring. They can be made into an industrial version of carpeting that is great for rooms and areas of the house with high traffic. This could include the front entryway, a mudroom, a garage, or a porch. For those who want a more aesthetic look, there is flooring made from recycled tires that looks more like vinyl flooring. It is smooth and comes in a variety of textures and colors making it both a green and a stylish choice.


Using recycled tires in the garden is a great alternative to a chemically filled fertilizer. The tires are shredded into fine mulch and sprinkled over the garden once it has been planted. The mulch acts as a barrier against weeds and pests that might eat small seedlings. It also protects fertile soil from being dried out by the sun. Mulch does what fertilizer can do but in a cheaper and greener way.

In this increasingly green economy, recycled tires are beginning to find their way into everything from flooring to gardens to foundations. They are an easy, cost-effective, environmentally friendly option.

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