The Life Cycle of Rubber

In this day and age, our society revolves around movement. Cars, planes, buses, motorcycles, trucks, and thousands of other vehicles help to transport us all over the globe. Most of these modes of transportation rely on tires and other rubber products for one main intended purpose; movement.

Millions of tires are produced every year to fulfill our transportation needs. Sadly, the production of new tires is not a very eco-friendly process.  Harmful emissions are released into our air, water, and soil in order to produce rubber products. After a tire’s life span, they are often disposed of in landfills and other junk storage areas. Used tires are some of the most problematic pieces of waste wherever they lie.  Due to their large size, tires take up large amounts of volume within a landfill. Additionally, the resilient design of tires and other rubber products prevents them from decomposing for thousands of years. Therefore, tires and rubber products are pollutants to the earth now, and will be for many years to come.

That is why secondary recycling of rubber tires is so essential to the life cycle of tires and other rubber products. Secondary recycling is the process of taking one product, recycling it, and creating an entirely new product. Secondary recycling of rubber products helps conserve the environment on several levels. Old tires are removed from outdoor storage and cease to pollute the environment.  Materials are saved when existing rubber is used to create new products. The ecosystem is saved from the further exposure to harmful substances. And ultimately, new useful rubber products are created with recycled material to help progress our condition of living.

At Eco Green Equipment, we make it our business to provide rubber shredders to convert waste into a form which will one day become a useful recycled product.  Our graters, shredders, and granulators take used tires and reduce them into a shredded form. After the tires have been broken down into a wide variety of forms, we ship it producers of rubber products. These companies then take the recycled shredded rubber, and create numerous useful products that, believe it or not, we all use on a daily basis.

Numerous products are created with recycled tires. Playground padding, sign bases, wheel chocks, AstroTurf beads, patio mats, parking lot wheel stops, boat dock bumpers, and gym mats are just a few of the hundreds of products made possible because of secondary recycling of rubber. Not only are these products useful, but they are green and environmentally conscious.

With the help of our Eco Green rubber shredding equipment, companies can reduce the impact that used rubber products have on the environment and become profitable with recycled eco-friendly rubber.

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