The 21st century has become too advanced for anyone to be throwing away tires at random. Research has shown that it is very harmful when we dispose our tires on a regular basis. Nowadays, recycling has become the order of the day. Without being told, we understand the non-negotiable benefits that come with recycling.

This post is going to be focused on the benefits of tire shredding. You will be discovering for instance, how it has impacted the environment. Hence, you will be able to know why you need the tire shredding equipment if you are thinking of going into tire recycling. In a nutshell, you are about to know why it has become absolutely imperative to have tires recycled for further use.

Environmental Impact

Used tires constitute one of the most undesirable solid wastes. Used tires do pose a lot of challenges to environmental specialists. They can become breeding grounds for mosquitoes. And when this happens the people in that neighborhood will have to deal with the diseases that are being transmitted by such mosquitoes.

The burning of tires is another practice that can be rightly considered as being very dangerous for any environment. When tires are burnt a carbon component (soot) is sent into the atmosphere. This item can be considered as being very small; some are not even visible to the ordinary eyes. The sad part is that when this small black substance comes in contact with the blood it tends to obstruct the free passage of oxygen throughout the body. You can already begin to see how the burning of tires can be very bad for any environment. This is why it has become absolutely necessary that tires be recycled instead of being disposed immediately after use because, with proper recycling, the environment will be a much healthier place to live in.

It makes the environment a much safer place. However, it is only appropriate that you get a solid tire shredding equipment so you can achieve maximum results in this regards.

Tire Derived Aggregate (TDA)

With tire shredding, you can expect to get different products from the shredded product. This is what makes recycling 100% better than disposing the tires or just having them burnt. TDA’s are a product derived from the mechanical process of shredded tires. It is actually used for construction purposes. It is even considered much stronger than the normal gravel. Hence, instead of allowing your used tires to constitute a greater hazard to you and the environment, you can make something useful out of it.

We pride ourselves in powerful and great tire shredding equipment.

Tire Shredding and School Sports

Tire shredding can be considered as an all-round positive practice. It benefits all age groups in the society. Even the kids are not left out. Kids have their playing spaces where they have to run around every once in a while when they are in school. The question is how is a tire shredding now related to school sports? The answer is quite simple, recycled tires are used to make artificial turfs. These turfs are much safer and softer for kids to play on. Hence, the importance of tire shredding cannot be overemphasized when it comes to kids and where they play.

Products of Cryogenic Systems

Uses of shredded tires are surprisingly many. In this system, tires are allowed to freeze at very low temperatures. At this point, the frozen rubber is shattered into various sizes. Furthermore, liquid nitrogen is then used to cool the shredded pieces. These very small pieces of rubber are eventually passed through a hammer mill.

The hammer mill helps to break the nitrogen-cooled rubbers so it can be broken into very tiny particles. These tiny particles are to be passed through magnets and air classifiers to separate the steel and fiber respectively. This recycled rubber is what used for other applications. You will need an effective tire shredding system to help you achieve this.

Energy Conservation

There are certain materials that need a lot of energy for their production from the raw materials. But when there is a proper recycling of materials in any society there is a direct minimization of the amount of energy that is used during the manufacturing process. In other words, with tire shredding, there are other products that can be produced without having to go through the extraction phase of production.

Let us not forget what happens when materials are extracted and sent to site for processing. When you are making use of recycled tires all these can be avoided and energy will be duly saved. If you ever stumble upon some data that explains reduced energy consumption with tire shredding you will be quite amazed at how much energy is saved when tires are recycled.

Societal Development

It will be incomplete to talk about the benefits of such a practice and not mention how it relates to societal development. Recycling is what has differentiated the developed societies from the developing societies. Since, a whole lot of energy is conserved when materials are properly recycled, available energy can be used to achieve optimal results. Making use of all available energy to manufacture materials from the scratch is not good enough for any growing society. The best and most efficient way to use energy is to make sure that older materials are duly recycled, and that includes used tires. Hence, the benefits of recycling cannot be separated from society and the rate at which it is developing.

Tire shredding has become very relevant in our today’s society. You have understood how such practice impacts the environment. It is just part of what the world is doing to make sure we live in a much greener environment. This needs to be encouraged around the world as it will help to save a lot of energy. This is exactly what we need, in order to make the world a better place – promoting health and conserving energy. You need to get involved today if you are still disposing of your tires the way it used to be done.