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From cars and trucks to planes, tractors, and forklifts, tires are used for a wide variety of vehicles. And those tires don’t last forever. Regardless of how many miles a tire travels, it should not be used longer than ten years past its manufacture date, as the rubber will grow brittle and can crack. This isn’t usually a problem, though, since most tires are replaced within three or four years. In fact, Americans generate nearly 285 million scrap tires per year. So, where do all those old tires go?

In most places, it is illegal to bury those whole scrap tires or dispose of them in landfills. In the U.S., the majority of states will not allow whole tire disposal. Instead, tire recycle facilities and programs typically shred these scrap tires. Tire shredding is a very common way of preparing scrap tires for disposal or recycle. In order to dispose of tires in a landfill, they must be shredded to various sized chips.

Many companies are investing in their own tire shredding systems. These companies are then able to sell the shredded tires and make a profit on them, instead of paying someone else to remove and dispose of their tires! That is where ECO Green comes in. We provide all the equipment that one would need to properly complete these tasks.

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    Neumáticos Desechados

    Tire Disposal

    In today’s world there a millions of tires littering the landscape that have been improperly disposed of despite the great advancement in technology. This is where we come in to help.
    Subproductos del Caucho

    Rubber By-Products

    Studies show that recycled scrap tires is one of the few recycled materials that actually perform better than the conventional materials being used in today’s market. We are constantly seeing new and growing developments using recycled rubber in asphalt, landscaping, flooring, roofing, and traffic and safety.
    Oportunidades de Negocios

    Business Opportunities

    When most people think about recycling, they think about household items like newspapers, soda cans, and plastic bottles. But while these basics are a crucial part of overall recycling efforts, there are literally tons of recyclables going unnoticed by consumers and recycling ventures alike. When you’re running a recycling business, it pays to think outside the cardboard box. And tires are one of the most worthwhile discarded goods out there


    ECO Green Leads in Global Tire Recycling Equipment.

    Seeing an opportunity to improve a historically stagnant industry, ECO Green’s founders determined that the tire recycling equipment market was due for a refresh in methodology, technology, and markets. Existing companies, which have been around for years, have shown minor improvements in tire recycling equipment efficiencies and performance.

    Key Advantages of ECO Green Equipment:

    • State-of-the-art Equipment Designs and Technology
    • Patented and Proprietary Technology
    • Lowest Equipment Wear Costs in the industry by up to 20%
    • Ease of Maintenance and Service Accessible Equipment
    • Low Production Costs…Lower Energy, Higher Capacities
    • A-Z Solution for Tire Recycling
    • ECO Service Experience…Responsive Global Support
    • Recycled Rubber Market Experts

    Tire recyclers today are handling greater amounts of scrap tires annually than ever before — nearing 300 million tires disposed annually in the USA alone. The desire for more efficient equipment with lower operating and maintenance costs is increasing. As vehicle and tire growth expand into new regions and markets, tire recyclers will demand more efficient processing technologies.

    ECO Green Equipment’s mission is to provide not only improved technology in tire recycling equipment, but also comprehensive secondary market knowledge so our customers will be better prepared in todays marketplace.



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