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Tire Shredding Specialists

Eco Green’s 10+ years in specialized recycling equipment offers you the best tire shredding machinery available.  We know what it takes to bring you valuable tire shredding equipment and service.  It starts with well-trained and informed engineers and designers, who attend conferences and association groups throughout the United States and Europe.  This means the best in tire shredding technology and standards.  Then we have manufacturing teams in Asia to help us bring you a quality product that is affordable.

Throughout all of this, we know that tire shredding is new to many of you, and we want to be your right-hand expert as much as possible.  Our customer service keeps Eco Green among the best tire shredding resources in the industry today.  It’s our goal to help you make the most of your materials and equipment so give us a call and test it out.

Tire Shredding Results

Many professionals start thinking about tire shredding when they see all the waste piling up and the bills that go towards hauling away the old rubber.  If for anything, tire shredding helps save space in waste areas because it can easily be bagged and stacked into much smaller areas than whole truck tires.

Our various tire shredding machines can take your waste rubber and cut it down, separate the rubber from the steel and fibers, and then grate it to make sure that the tire shredding output is an appropriate size.  This is determined by tire shredding mesh—the smaller the number, the larger the pieces.  If you start a tire shredding operation with Eco Green products, you can ensure a clean, consistent product to your new customers.  Tire shredding will be simple and diversify your operation.

Secondary Products of Tire Shredding

The next best part is finding use for all of the old tires, and we’re guessing that you don’t need that many tire swings?  Tire shredding reduces the old tires into a gravel or crumb that has many uses and can be sold to different industries.  Here are some of the large buyers of rubber crumb—the output of our tire shredding equipment.

Playgrounds:Many modern playgrounds use a rubber flooring material because it gives to falls and tumbles, and doesn’t have to be replaced regularly like mulch or gravel.  Manufacturers buy clean tire shredding as the main component.

Athletic fields: Very fine tire shredding goes into specialty artificial turf fields.  Sometimes referred to as astro-dirt, this is the black cushioning just under the grass layer.

Asphalt: Tire shredding is necessary for rubberized asphalt, one of the largest secondary uses for shredded rubber.

Roadways & Construction: Your tire shredding operation might go towards backfill in local and nationwide civil engineering projects as an important lightweight and non-biodegradeable component.

Carpets: Tire shredding can generate revenue if you sell to businesses that make carpet and carpet padding.

“Green” apparel and accessories: From shoes to pillows, many product developers want to find tire shredding outlets like you to incorporate into their designs.  It is reusing an otherwise clunky waste product, and that makes the corporate conscience happy as well as the buyer’s.

Have we given you enough reasons to start tire shredding?

Eco Green Tire Shredding

The list of secondary products here only scratches the surface.  As soon as you get involved in associations and recycling groups, you will find more and more needs for tire shredding and rubber fill product.  Let us be your #1, expert resource for tire shredding equipment, recycling plant design and setup, and anything else along the way.  Contact us today!

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