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Why ECO Green?
  • What Tire Shredding Can Produce

    Published Oct 15, 2017 When you use tire recycling equipment to

  • How Tire Shredders Affect Our Climate

    Published Oct 4, 2017 Rubber tires have a pretty bad reputation

  • Tire shredding in the 21st century

    Published August 10, 2017 The 21st century has become too advanced

  • NFL and Player Safety: Tire Shredding Effects

    Published July 20, 2017   Decades ago, we had no idea scrap

  • Global Tire Shredding: A Key Player

    Published July 10, 2017 Last month, we published a blog post

  • How Tire Shredding Protects Wildlife

    Published June 14, 2017   One of the most revolutionary inventions in


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