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To decide what kind of machine to invest in largely depends on the size of tires you will be recycling. for example, if you will be processing a lot of Semi OTR tires you will want to purchase the 182-TS because it is the only machine that can handle such a large load. Here are a few examples of what Ecogreen has to offer. Each of these shredders are dual shafts which is great for a large volume of tires. It takes a shorter period of time to shred the tire and minimizes the need for more than one pass through the blades which can also cut down on maintenance and repair costs.

The model 182-TS shredder features two parallel, 754mm (30 inches) diameter counter rotating shafts fitted with  blades that mesh together as they turn with very low clearance. There are two electric motors that spin at a relatively low speed but extremely high torque. The look like a monster having a snack. Each of these motors has up to 150HP or up to 110 KW. One of the advantages to the double shaft shredders is the output volume and this shredder definitely has that with a processing capacity of 12 tons an hour. This beast of a machine can take any tire from a Semi OTR all the way down to passenger car tires and it turns them into 150mm (6 inch) or 50mm (2 inch) shreds and almost eliminates the need for multiple passes through the machine in order to obtain the desired shred size.

Model 160-TS. This model is slightly smaller than the 182-TS with shaft diameter of 542mm (21.5 inches). This tough guy has the same rubber eating capabilities as the 182-TS with two electric motors, one for each shaft with up to 100HP or up to 74 KW and  it can turn any passenger or large truck tire into the same 150mm (6 inch) or 50mm (2 inch) shreds. This big guy can process up to 8 tons an hour. Which is less than the 182-TS because of it’s smaller stature, but it sure does pack a punch and is perfect for a slightly smaller operation.

The last of the dual shaft shredders is the 137-TS. It has everything the 182-TS and 160-TS have all wrapped up in a small but awesome package. Like they say great things come in small packages. This shredder features two 472mm (18.5 inch) shafts each turning with its own electric motor with 74HP or 55KW. This machine can process large truck tires and car tires at a rate of 4 tons per hour.

The biggest difference in these shredders is the amount of output capacity and horsepower. Shredders are great for creating large shreds and chips from whole tires that can be used for civil engineering projects and for producing clean, cheap energy. If smaller sized shreds are needed, you may want to purchase a Grater or a Crumbler as well. Be aware that in order to shred tires with a grater or crumbler, they must first be put through a shredder. It all depends on what you would like the final product to be. Recycled tires are used for a wide variety of projects.

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