Investing in a Tire Recycling Machine

Are you interested in investing in a tire recycling machine? Do you have a business, or an idea for one, that could make use of recycled tire products? Are you currently purchasing recycled tire products from other sources and considering taking in the recycling process in-house? Does your operation produce a large volume of used tires that could potentially be recycled and given new life?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then you’ve come to the right place. Eco Green is one of the leaders in producing high quality, efficient tire recycling machines and systems.

Like so many other things, used tires are a product whose material is wasted if not effectively reused. For many years individuals and enterprises alike have recognized the value of reusing tires and tire material byproducts as a way to reduce costs and eliminate needless waste.

Of course, the demand for a way to develop a cost effective process for reusing tires demanded the development of the tire recycling machine and there are now a vast array of tire recycling machines available on the market. Each tire recycling machine handles one or more pieces of the process and which one makes the most sense for your company will depend on your proposed use of recycled tires.

Why are Tire Recycling Machines Important?

The first thing that leaps to most people’s minds whenever they hear the word “recycling” is that it’s good for the environment. While this is not the only reason tire recycling machines are important it certainly is a big one, so let’s address it first.

Environmental Reasons to Recycle Tires

Every year thousands upon thousands of tires wear out and are replaced. Have you ever considered the staggering amount of space all those tires would take up if place in a landfill? The next time you are sitting in traffic stop and take a look around you at all the cars, trucks, and other vehicles. Then imagine removing the tires from each and placing them in a giant pit in the ground. That’s a big pit, isnt it? Now consider that what you’ve just imagined is the tiniest fraction of the true number of tires used annually. That visual places tire recycling in a whole new perspective, doesn’t it?

So, keeping tires out of landfills is good for the environment and helps us deal with our problems rather than just burying them, but is that the only environmental ramification? No. Let’s try another exercise. Think of a bald tire, the baldest tires you’ve ever seen in your life. It is old, worn out, and unsafe. Every bit of tread has been ground away under the relentless pounding of the street. But what percentage of total material used to create that tire is in the tread? 10%? Maybe 15%? Whatever the exact number is, the lion’s share of the tire is still good, usable material.

Turning all that good material into something new is obviously a good thing, but can we take it even further? What about all the time, money, and manpower that went into making the tire in the first place? To make that tire natural and synthetic rubber had to be produced, fibers prepared, and steel acquired. If we simply throw away the tire all of the effort initially put into the tires is wasted. If we recycle the tire we save the material, but we also extend the value of the original investment required to make the tire in the first place.

Looking at it this way, it is easy to see that throwing away tires, or any manufactured product, is a profound waste on many levels. But what about business reasons to recycle tires, or even purchase a tire recycling machine? What about hard dollars and cents, reasons that address the almighty and all important bottom line?

Business Reasons for Tire Recycling

First, the development of effective tire recycling machines and methodologies has made life easier for companies who routinely use a large number of tires. In the past, and even sometimes today, parking lots, warehouses, and other commercial or industrial spaces would have huge stacks or piles of worn out tires just sitting around, waiting to be disposed of. But how long must something await disposal if there is now disposal method available? A long time.

For companies like this the simple fact that they can now be rid of a waste product is a huge advantage. Beyond that, they are able to recoup some of their investment. When you’re spending millions on tires each year, getting even a little for your waste is a terrific bonus. So there is a legitimate financial incentive for companies to make used tires available for companies specializing in tire recycling.

A big issue we have not yet considered is the large number of recycled tire products that can be produced and their myriad uses. In many instances a recycled tire product can be obtained at a lower price than the alternative and can help many processes reduce costs. Also, recycled rubber products can be used to replace other materials and last far longer. A fairly visible and obvious example of this is rubber mulch for playgrounds which is far more durable than traditional mulch or wood chips. Another is the rubber materials used for sporting fields. Using recycled rubber in them creates a cost effective and highly durable material that will stand up to heavy abuse.

Countless other processes that use synthetic or natural rubber can replace old sources of materials with recycled tires. Again, this extends the working life of the material originally used to make the tire and saves money around the board.

All of this together has also pushed the development and innovation of tire recycling machines forward. With all these incentives to be rid of old, worn out tires and so many uses for recycled tire products, there is a financial incentive to streamline and make the process more cost effective and efficient.

Types of Tire Recycling Machines

At Eco Green Equipment our products can be generally divided into three major categories of tire recycling machines:

  • Shredding & Grinding
  • Material Handling
  • Recycling Systems

Depending on what type of material you intend to process, or where your operation lies in the product cycle, you may be interested in one or more of our products.

Tire Shredding and Grinding Machines

Our shredding and grinding tire recycling machines can produce four different levels of rubber.

Tire derived shreds (TDS) are the largest and first level of rubber cuts produced from old tires. Depending on your need these shreds can be recirculated through the shredding machine or further processed into smaller pieces.

We offer three different models of tire recycling machines that produce TDS. Detailed information about each model of TDS shredder can be found on our main TDS (Tire Derived Shreds) page.

Wire-free chip is produced by using a secondary shredding machine. Standard TDS contains steel, as well as fiber and rubber, which makes it unsuitable for some applications.

We currently offer one tire recycling machine dedicated to removing steel wire from tire shreds. This is accomplished through a wire cleaning/magnet removal process which results in a 99.9% wire-free product. Detailed information about our wire-free chip shredder can be found on this wire-free chip tire recycling page.

Crumb rubber is the third level of processing that our tire recycling machines can produce. It removes all steel and fiber and produces a small, uniform granule of rubber used in landscaping, athletic fields, engineering, and other applications. We offer three crumb rubber processing models, details can be found on our main crumb rubber page.

Rubber powder is the final stage of ambient rubber tire recycling. Due to its exceedingly small size it can be used for wide range of products and incorporated into coatings, asphalt, polymers, and finished products. We offer one rubber powder system, details can be found on our rubber powder page.

Tire Recycling Material Handling Machines

An essential component of any large or small process is material handling, moving product from one stage or station to another.

Material handling can be broken down into three major categories: conveying equipment, separation equipment, and controls and monitoring.

Tire Recycling Conveying Equipment

We understand that every system and process is different, so we offer a solution that will integrate seamlessly with whatever type of equipment you currently have. We offer:

Our sales team can help you determine which type of recycled tire conveying equipment will best suit your operation, location, and budget. Further details can be found on our tire recycling machine conveying equipment page.

Tire Recycling Separation Equipment

The type of separation equipment you require depends on the type of process you are doing, the type of recycled rubber you aim to produce, and many other factors. We currently offer:

Additional details regarding the type of equipment we offer are available on our tire recycling separation equipment page.

Tire Recycling Machine Monitoring Equipment

Our equipment monitoring module is the Eco Brain Control Panel. It allows you to monitor each process and each piece of equipment, regardless of your specific configuration, all in real time. It also grants you the ability to measure output and easily make system adjustments.

Visit this page for details about our ECO Brain module.

Why Choose Eco Green Tire Recycling Machines?

The purchase of any type of tire recycling machine is a large investment and should be taken seriously. You want a product that is going to perform the job you need, the way you want it, and to function flawlessly for many years to come. With all the information available on the internet and through other sources it is easy to do research into these products on your own, and that’s absolutely the smart thing to do. But eventually you will need to speak with a professional in the industry to put the finishing touches on your decision and your investment.

Eco Green is committed to innovating and improving upon existing technology and making your process even more efficient. Our job is not only to understand what you need and how you want to accomplish that, but also to advise you on secondary recycled rubber markets so that you can face the marketplace with every piece of information you will need to be successful.

One of the things that set’s us apart is that we are not simply a retailer of tire recycling machines. We have a dedicated design and engineering team who develop our products in-house with end user experience in mind. Our manufacturing and fabrication team are also located in-house where they focus on constructing the finest products possible. You can even come to take a tour of our manufacturing facility to see the team in action!

Our marketing and sales team works closely with design and fabrication so they have an in-depth understanding of all products. They are equipped to answer any question you might have about our products and the tire recycling industry and market at large.

Contact Eco Green about Tire Recycling Machines

Our team is here to help you make the best investment possible in a tire recycling machine. Contact us through the website, use the live chat feature, or call us at (801) 505-6841 or (801) 438-6340 for US sales. We are available worldwide to answer your questions and provide the highest level of customer service in the tire recycling machine industry.

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